Using A Rule Engine For Hacking

March 17, 2010

I was interested to stumble upon an issue of the hacker zine Phrack dating back to 2000 which includes a tutorial on building a vulnerability scanning system used for hacking…that includes a rule engine. The article mentions a number of things you would expect: Rete, OPS5, CLIPS, Charles Forgy, Daniel Miranker and even the monkey and bananas problem.

Wolfenstein 3D arrives on the iPhone

March 25, 2009

id Software has released an iPhone port of Wolfenstein 3D. Released on the MS-DOS platform in 1992, the game has 16 years of history and has been ported to a variety of platforms in the years since.

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Parallel Rule Engines: What About Your Video Card?

November 15, 2008

While I’m on the subject of Dr. Charles Forgy’s talk at ORF 2008

Has anybody tried to compile CLIPS under CUDA?

We know from ORF that Dr. Forgy is working on a 4-core machine with his parallel version of OPS/J. I’m curious to see the same ideas applied to 32+ core video cards such as the CUDA architecture and the upcoming Larrabee.

October Rules Fest: Day 3

November 14, 2008

Some comments on the third day of the October Rules Fest:

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