The Future Of Gaming

Here’s the video for an interesting speech by Jesse Schell entitled “Design Outside The Box.”

Topics of the speech include:

  • the psychology of games – making them sticky
  • the consumer desire for realism and authenticity as a recent trend
  • technological convergence/divergence of devices, the iPhone, the iPad, and the “pocket exception”
  • the possibility of game achievements improving behavior
  • the fact that there are more FarmVille players on FaceBook than there are Twitter accounts

Achievements are already leaking over to non-games, some items that could have been mentioned:

I have one final thought regarding his example of Amazon potentially tracking on the Kindle if a book has really been read and then rewarding a person for reviewing the book – since they could tell that the book had actually been read. It seems to me that Netflix could roll out something similar to this very quickly based on their streaming service and whether an entire film had been streamed to the customer.

The presentation is nearly 30 minutes in length, but it goes by quickly due to Schell being an engaging speaker.

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