Havok’s AI Middleware

I’ve been watching the multi-core video card space and looking at efforts to offload AI onto that hardware. In particular, I’m curious to see the shakeout of the various APIs. One candidate usage is, of course, video games.

This week, Havok has announced Havok AI, a middleware SDK. Havok’s physics engine is already ubiquitous in certain segments of the video game industry. Since Havok AI will apparently be bundled with their other tools, I’m sure it will have some traction in the space automatically.

There is no mention of using Havok AI as an API for dedicated AI hardware or GPUS, but I will be curious to see if they decided to support that as well.

The focus of Havok AI is apparently primarily on pathfinding, so it will also be interesting to see if that scope expands over time.

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