Monkey and Bananas 2: The Revenge

If you’ve read Charles Forgy’s dissertation or the Brownston/Farrell/Kant/Martin OPS5 book or any of a number of resources, you eventually come across the Monkey and Bananas ruleset.

Some time ago, I stumbled across a humorous AI exam which contains a “complicated” form of Monkey and Bananas:

The monkey and bananas problem has been complicated by the following additional factors :
(i) The bananas will not be ripe for two weeks.
(ii) The monkey is blind.
(iii) The bananas are locked in a safe.
(iv) There are no suitable boxes present.
(v) The monkey is afraid of heights.
(vi) The floor of the room has been electrified.
(vii) The monkey doesn’t like bananas anyway.

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